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Mr. Konfuze & Lunatic free downloads


It’s been a while since I released this double LP with Mr. Konfuze. We made 12 inch as an introduction to the album called the “Don’t wanna loose it EP” and another one to follow up. All three were released on vinyl only, but when it was in the making I already made the promise to give this away for free once the vinyl is sold out. Finally most of it has found it’s way to somebody’s record collection and now is the time! Please follow the link to get to our Soundcloud page, where you can listen to all of the tracks and download them in 320kB/s MP3 quality. Feel free to share this on your social media channels & spread the good news!

I am back!

Yay, it’s been a long time. No Posts for nearly two years, but i’ve been busy setting up my studio, finally learning to play the piano and what not. I’ve spent last nicht in the studio and made some music. Parts from the rough mixdown are on this video and I’ll upload the song once it is done, enjoy! By the way: Drums are SP-12, ADD-one & Clap Trap, Bassline is Emax and OTO in the break, Overtones are Emulator II and Juno 106. [wpvideo aGQJqFbH]

Chicks & Synthis

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aeujZtBvMFY?wmode=transparent]

Awesome video of chicks playing awesome synthesizers. I Love it!!! Via Matrixsynth.

A Little Background On The “Amen Break”

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5SaFTm2bcac?wmode=transparent]

I was reading an article on the german magazine’s website “Der Spiegel“. If you can understand german, read the the article as well, because it features a little insights with Richard Lewis Spencer of The Winstons. Most People who are into HipHop ore have been in the 90ies will recognize the break and of course some of the more prominent songs that used it. If you don’t or want to see some more, have a look here. Some of my contacts on facebook find it annoying that the german article takes a lot of the info from the video and turns it into a feature of it’s own. I can’t really understand that, since to me most of the facts aren’t new. It is just the first time somebody put it all together in german. Enjoy the Video!

NAMM 2011

Alright, I am not there, but i’ve gotta to say that what is presented at this years Namm (the worlds biggest music fair, happening twice a year at Anaheim, California) is just awesome!! First and probably best thing for me is: Cubase 6 is out. I got Cubase 4 and wasn’t really sure if I wanted to update to version 5, so I didn’t and it was exactly the right choice. The update to Cubase 5 was 189 €, while the update to version 6 only is 149 €, hooray! You can look up the features of the new version in the links if you’re interested. But now to the BIG things:

(Picture: Dave Smith Instruments)
Many readers might know that I am a big fan of drum machines. So sure I know that it was a guy named Roger Linn who invented those things in 1979. Coming from the classic Linn LM-1 it’s successor the LinnDrum was and still is a classic in both HipHop and Techno / House productions. Roger Linn’s fabulous designs finally peaked in the design of the Akai MPC 60 which is a classic as well. Now Roger Linn did team up with Dave Smith the engineer behind the legendary Prophet 5 who is now running his own company Dave Smith Instruments who are responsible for the in my opinion best synthesizers built today. The result is called Tempest and is one hell of a drum machine / sequencer / production station. Featuring analog signal path, oscillators sampling capabilities and much more. Check out the video here. I am really amazed, but the price tag is what puts tears in my eyes ($ 1990). 

Next Big thing coming up at Namm is Torq 2.0. I’ve been using Torq for quite a while but in the end switched to Traktor Pro, due to first Torq not putting out updates and being unsatisfied with how they treated their customers. Second was the cheap price tag on Traktor recently and of course their fantastic Kontrol X1 and it’s integration with the software! Feature wise Torq looks great now: 4 Decks, 13 built in effects plus Vst integration, a completely redesigned browser (the old one was completely unusable), no hardware bond anymore (feel free to use your soundcard and midi controllers of choice), graphic platters displaying needle position like in serato (for all you beatjugglers out there), a redigned GUI (the old one was totally kindergarten) and much more. One thing though that gives me the creeps: it’s a late beta version (free trial) which not really builds up my confidence, since many supposedly stable previous versions already felt like beta releases. Anyway I will totally try it and post some more about it here and in the forums. 
One thing I still haven’t heard anything about is the new Native Instruments hardware. There was this teaser video, but still no confirmation of what will be new, so i leave the speculations to you. Later today I will post about new Pioneer DJ Controllers. See ya!

WOW – Synth Touchscreen Guitar


Now this is how I like it. I can’t play any instrument really, but i once learned to play the guitar (and forgot about how to right away). OK I’m about to learn keyboard, but due to it’s low stage at the moment that won’t count yet! Anyways, this looks like a promising instrument. Check out the video below, to see how it looks and sounds. There actually is plenty more sound to get out of this, but for the first video it looks quite promising. Maybe there will be an Ipad add-on to imitate this some time. For me, it can’t wait to see people rocking that thing live on stage and i don’t mean i want to hear guitar sounds when it’s played… (Photo Courtesy of Misa Ltd.)

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-HHKRGASWA?wmode=transparent]

Mr. Konfuze & Lunatic – Don’t Wanna Lose It Video

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCaM6Obp5UI?wmode=transparent]

Finally we got our video ready. A lot of premieres for me on this one: the first LP, the first double LP and my first video after making music for 15 years. Enjoy, leave comments and forward this to your friends if you like it! Check us out on facebook or soundcloud, you can also find links to buy the album (on vinyl only) over there!

R.I.P. Technics SL 1210 MKII


There have been a lot of rumors about it in the last years, but now it is official: Panasonic discontinues the legendary SL 1210. It is known to be the longest produced piece of consumer electronic and made it to the Guiness Book Of Records. As well the legendary deck has a stable place in nearly every nightclub around the world. To me there is little hope, that Panasonic will come up with a new model, so it looks like the times of DJing as we know it are over. Djs with just a laptop (and maybe a controller or two) will take over and if you have the record or not no longer resolves if you can play the song. Hello brave new world!