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Music Math – Value Calculator


Yay, this is some nice freeware tool I’d like to advise to any musician working on a mac. As an hardware sampler user I’ve always been sampling at 45 RPM to save precious time in my SP-12 or Akai 950. Those machines have limited sampling memory so, it saved me nearly 50% of my memory. The hassle always was to get the sound in the right pitch again. With the SP-12 it even is nearly impossible because you can only transpose full semitones. Since I store all samples in my computer I was experimenting to keep the pitch on full semitones and speed up the sample, this was a real hassle, because I don’t have perfect ears. Music Math does the trick! You just enter the semitones you want to pitch the sample up and the program tells you in percentage how much you must speed up the sample. The full range for an SP-12 which can pitch 8 Semitones in example is 58.74%. But this little freeware thing does a lot more: it calculates SMTP, the time stretching and transpose values for BPM changes, delay times for you bpm, or the hertz for LFOs as well as loop length and diapason for any frequency. If anyone knows a freeware PC program similar to music math, let me know! 

Mr. Konfuze & Lunatic – EP OUT NOW!

Finally our fist full length EP is out! We worked really hard for that, so be sure to check it out! Have a listen to the track below, all of them will be contained on the vinyl release. Talking about vinyl, this is the only format you will see and there will be no digital release. You can even hear a little SP-12 magic on the title track piano, which originally is a lived played plugin, sampled through the SP and resampled into the PC again. If you like our stuff, please check out our soundcloudmyspace and facebook pages. You can buy the vinyl worldwide from now on. Get it at JunoFatcity (Both UK), deejay Germany, hmv (Japan), i will post links from german sellers as soon as they have it in stores. There will be a double LP of our stuff next month, so watch out! 
Actually the integration of soundcloud links doen’t really work out here at the moment, so to listen you have to go external, sorry.

New Cee-Lo Green Track

Long time nothing happened here. It’s going to get better, i promise. I heard the track some weeks ago already but now they have a real video. I really love the track, enjoy!

Das Archiv Der Jugendkulturen Geht Stiften

… und braucht Eure dafür Hilfe! Aus gegebenem Anlass hier mal ein Artikel auf Deutsch. Das Archiv der Jugendkulturen ist kostenlos, unbürokratisch und vor allem informativ. Im Moment soll der gesamte Bestand in eine Stiftung umgewandelt werden, die ich in höchstem Maße fördernswert finde und ihr könnt hier euren Teil dazu beitragen. Den Rest des Geschreibes spare ich mir und verweise auf ein Video von Spreeblick in dem hoffentlich alle Unklarheiten beseitigt werden:


FCC Finally Fucked!


Since yesterday the above song can finally be played on U.S. Television. Prior to this “offensive” lyrics, cuss word and of course nudity was banned in the U.S. If you violated this it was going to get expensive. As an example the broadcast station who was publishing the live show with Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake where she showed one of her tits was fined with $ 1.000.000. As well Howard Stern accumulated fines summing up to $ 2.5 Million for cussing live on air before he turned to broadcasting over satellite for which the FCC isn’t responsible. So yesterday the FCC lost a lawsuit concerning cussing and nudity on U.S. broadcasts (TV & Radio). The court stated that the censorship had a paralyzing effect on broadcasting and that freedom of speech is more important than the protection of minors. I’d say Freedom Of Speech: 1, Censorship: 0. What can be done creatively with the words above you can listen to here: 


Novation Dicer Controller


Finally a really innovative controller for DJs. If you know me and followed my setup, you know that i love to keep my controls handy and close to the mixer. I started with two nanopads, one for each deck located left and right to my mixer. Being really unsatisfied with the poor quality i moved to a nanokey and now i have ordered an Akai LPK25. What really kicks me with the Dicer is that you really need no space to set them up. The turntables are there anyway and that’s all the space you need. What bugs me though is the price tag. 99 € seems pretty much for two pieces of plastic, rubber and a circuit board. What is good, is that they come in a pair. So if you’re thinking about a smart device to control your loops & cuepoints, this might be the thing for you. I still will wait if this might be the kickoff for other companies to produce similar things with a lower price tag… 

Work & Play In Berlin

Yeah yeah, I know it has been a while since my last post. But that is for a reason. I moved to Berlin for the duration of the FIFA Worldcup. I am working for the Skate-Hall Berlin as technician for their Public Viewing of the games. This wouldn’t be worth a post if it was just for work, but as you can imagine i have some spare time as well. I moved in here with one of my oldest friends and actually THE guy i started making music with in 1993. So of course i brought my SP-12 with me which arrived from repairs just in time for my departure. Along with that i brought a turntable, my mixer, soundcard and bunch of other stuff. So if I am not working or partying we will be programming on a sample dump tool between the SP-12 and a computer or just programming some beats. The second best thing here is, that this is my first time in berlin i do actually have my own bike and don’t have to rely on the BVG