Fösseklub – That was it

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Many thanx to everybody how was there, i really enjoyed myself a lot. Funk and Oldschool Rap Tunes was the theme, so i could go all out and play some nice HipHop tunes. Some rare guests from Berlin made it even more special to play there yesterday and yes, they had these beautiful anniversary shirts! Enjoy the few pictures and the video!



2 Years Team Dauerfeuer!

Yeah, 2 Yeah’s actually or better 2 Years. Team Dauerfeuer (english for Rapidfire) celebrates their second anniversary. Dauerfeuer are Wörn and Vashco, two graphic designers from my hometown Hannover. Vascho by the way is the guy responsible for my awesome profile picture which was published as a part of his diploma work “4 – A Graphic Novel”. Tomorrow they will be celebrating in hannover’s Fössebad which actually is a public swimming pool. Not tomorrow night though because it will be transformed into a fully functional club with a pool attached. So if you are from hannover or near hannover, get your shorts, bikinis and of course your flip-flops and celebrate with us! More info here (in german). 

Do You Still Have A Record Player?


For all the peeps who don’t have a record player anymore: get this an you can still play anything you find on vinyl. Just joking but i must admit it’s a nice concept. I found this here, thanks to Flo who pointed my attention that way. This concept was recently used by GGRP but the original concept was by GRP and those players were used all over the world where electricity was rare. You can find GGRP’s 50′s style promotional video here. Enjoy! More record players here

Free Download

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Time for a new post! Earlier I had the link to my edit of Poppa Large vs. Riff Raff’s Music Through Six. This was released on vinyl but is nearly sold out. Listen to it on my soundcloud. It was planned to be part in a series of edits from different genres mash-ups of Ultramagnetic MC’s Poppa Large. The plan didn’t work out so i had those remixes sittin’ on my harddisk until i was asked to be a part of the first Nova Gain 12 inch with the Riff Raff Mix. This has been a year now and so i thought I’d make this song available for all of you! What I did here was not just putting the Dub Version of Monet’s Come On To Me under the Poppa Large acapella but edit it to be a full instrumental for Poppa Large. The download is a128 Kb/s Mp3 which I think will be sufficient for most of you. Anyways, if you’re a DJ and want to play it, hit me up and I’ll supply you with something better. Enjoy and download here.

Finally Up & Running Again: My SP-12!

[wpvideo Nu7fTMLS]
Finally there goes my SP-12 again! I bought this thing on ebay and after it arrived i was thoroughly checking it´s functions for three days. All good and so there was no hesitation on giving 100% positive feedback to the seller. So when the test were done i was working on some beat the other day and out of nothing i couldn’t read a thing on the display anymore. The backlight was on, but that was it. Some knocking on the machine helped and i thought it was some soldering point that got lose. First I did not want to get my own hands on the machine, so i brought the SP to some repair dude here in Hannover. Burana works was the place and i gave the guy a written description of the problem. He called me back 2 days later, telling me he did the work i asked him for, but that the display contacts weren’t the problem. I picked it right up again and decided that i take a look at it on my own. Opened the machine and there it was: The 14 Pin Cable on the display broke right over some contacts. So i got a friend who was good at soldering to help me and we changed the whole cable. It took us until 4 o’clock in the morning but we were sure having it done. Assembled the machine and guess what: Error! Teh whole machine now froze and the display wasn’t working either. After this i was really afraid of having broken the board of the SP and then sent it to Studiorepair in Bad Homburg. I was lucky and Nikolaus Riehm te guy operating studio repair already had an SP-1200 for repairs in his shop so he could cross-check on the machines. After checking both my new display that i ordered from ebay (hard to get these days) and the old one, he assumed that both of them were broke. He then tried one of my displays in the SP-1200 where it worked just fine. After metering the pins on my SP-12 and comparing it to the SP-1200 he found out that the voltage on one of the SP-12 display pins was much higher than on the SP-1200. He tracked back the signal and voila it was the resistor on that circuit whose foot came of from the board. Turned out that this particular resistor was responsible for the dimming and since it didn’t dim the voltage the display was working at full glow which made it impossible to see anything. My god was i happy that it wasn’t something serious. Niko then fixed my first fader as well which was a little unreliable after all these years (the machine was build Jan. 12th, 1987). So i must say, if you got vintage gear that needs fixing and you are in Germany, talk to this guy, he knows what he does! Cheers Niko! In the video above you´ll find a little beat i just started, sorry for the bad quality, but it was dark and taken with my mobile phone. I´ll upload a audio version while progressing with the track!

Futurestates – Visions Of Our Lives


Futurestates is a project on visions of the near future. The concept reduces to america, but i think you can see europe, some asian countries and russia as well in this picture. Some days ago i made this post which includes the vision stated in the video below. This as well is the only video i watched so far. It was created by David Kaplan and Eric Zimmerman and the first part reminds me of the Video to The Prodigy’s Smack My Bitch Up. Enjoy, and make sure to visit the projectsite and watch them other videos as well!

Broken Glass – Skate Video From Hannover

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z514pKA08x4?wmode=transparent]

So in Hannover we have this very cool place. It’s the old factory ground of hannover based Continental AG. In 2000 it was closed and from then on used as a graffiti hall of fame. We used to hang out there a lot, just walking around, using the place for photoshots and so on. Now the place is going to be demolished to make room for new upper class flats on the waterside. These guys did the right thing cleaning it up for a nice skate session. There will be a whole movie soon, enjoy. Pictures of the scene can be found here and here

Korg Nano Kontrol Customisation


About two years ago i switched DJ tools from regular vinyl records to a DVS. After some research i went with Torq over Serato and Traktor. The Main reasons where the price tag ($ 299), the ability to use my RME RPM instead of the soundcard delivered with the Software, the features and the really easy midi implementation. So now i have several midi controllers which control functions in my software. I use a Korg nano key for Loops, Cuepoints and the instant double feature. for the internal effects i do use the nano control pictured above. When you get it from the factory all the channels look identical which, in a dim club setup, makes it quite difficult to use. So my idea was to paint it in bright colors. One color stands for an effect and since i use two turntables the colors double. The right side is for the right channel and the left for the corresponding deck. For painting it I dissembled the whole thing, taped the regions I don’t want to paint and did the job with regular spraypaint. Afterwards I reassembled it and i must say, even though it could have been done more acurately i’m really satisfied with the result.

SP-12 Repair Squad Pt. II


Here we go again. I’m still trying to repair my SP-12 i bought off ebay. The issue was the display suddenly not showing any characters anymore which i could locate to the connections of the flat ribbon cable between the mainboard and the display. After a closer check i could see that the cable broke right behind the soldering points. In the pictures you can see a little story on how we exchanged the cable and resoldered the display to the mainboard. This took us several hours but in the end we couldn’t help anything with it. The Display still won’t show any characters and we have another issue coming up: After powering up, the machine will boot and then after working for a second it will stall and not respond to anything. This could have something to do with the battery which powers the sample RAM, that might have lost it’s power over the last 25 years, so I ordered a new one that will arrive this week. Wish me good luck. To be continued…