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Old School HipHop Tapes


Superdope blog here! Dedicated to old school HipHop and there is a lot of rare stuff to find here! Can you remember taping radio shows back in the 80ies? I loved to do that, but since i don’t have a tapedeck anymore i can’t even listen to all the stuff i have. But anyways i was in germany and so i didn’t have the best stuff to tape anyways. Thanks to Marc Hype for pointing me at this one!

Fösseklub – That was it


Many thanx to everybody how was there, i really enjoyed myself a lot. Funk and Oldschool Rap Tunes was the theme, so i could go all out and play some nice HipHop tunes. Some rare guests from Berlin made it even more special to play there yesterday and yes, they had these beautiful anniversary shirts! Enjoy the few pictures and the video!



Free Download


Time for a new post! Earlier I had the link to my edit of Poppa Large vs. Riff Raff’s Music Through Six. This was released on vinyl but is nearly sold out. Listen to it on my soundcloud. It was planned to be part in a series of edits from different genres mash-ups of Ultramagnetic MC’s Poppa Large. The plan didn’t work out so i had those remixes sittin’ on my harddisk until i was asked to be a part of the first Nova Gain 12 inch with the Riff Raff Mix. This has been a year now and so i thought I’d make this song available for all of you! What I did here was not just putting the Dub Version of Monet’s Come On To Me under the Poppa Large acapella but edit it to be a full instrumental for Poppa Large. The download is a128 Kb/s Mp3 which I think will be sufficient for most of you. Anyways, if you’re a DJ and want to play it, hit me up and I’ll supply you with something better. Enjoy and download here.

Korg Nano Kontrol Customisation


About two years ago i switched DJ tools from regular vinyl records to a DVS. After some research i went with Torq over Serato and Traktor. The Main reasons where the price tag ($ 299), the ability to use my RME RPM instead of the soundcard delivered with the Software, the features and the really easy midi implementation. So now i have several midi controllers which control functions in my software. I use a Korg nano key for Loops, Cuepoints and the instant double feature. for the internal effects i do use the nano control pictured above. When you get it from the factory all the channels look identical which, in a dim club setup, makes it quite difficult to use. So my idea was to paint it in bright colors. One color stands for an effect and since i use two turntables the colors double. The right side is for the right channel and the left for the corresponding deck. For painting it I dissembled the whole thing, taped the regions I don’t want to paint and did the job with regular spraypaint. Afterwards I reassembled it and i must say, even though it could have been done more acurately i’m really satisfied with the result.

Chilly B Of Newcleus RIP

Another tragic opportunity for a post. Last Week on Febuary 23rd, 2010 Chilly B of Newcleus died of a stroke. Newcleus released a whole lot of classic Electro HipHop tunes, one of which is Automan which served as the blueprint for Snap‘s “Rhythm Is A Dancer“. Another banger is “Jam On Revenge (The Wikki-Wikki Song)” used with great effect by DJ Noize winning the DMC finals in 1996. Chilly B played bass as well as synthesizers on most of their productions you can see him play on their greatest hit “Jam On It” in the video above. 

Tonight: Linden Love – Faust Hannover


Tonight it´s on again! Kid CutAnneMr. Confuse and me will be playing on two floors at Linden Love! This will be the 74th party under this title and we are quite thankful that you are showing us love by visiting for more than 7 years now! This month edition will be the last party in winter (at least in western hemisphere) so we´ll be playing a lot of good times songs to get you in the mood for spring and summer! You can hear Anne, Kid Cut and me on the main floor playing Rap, Pop, Rock, Electro, Indie, Breakbeats, Reggae and a lot more in a wildstyle mix, plus Mr. Confuse on the second floor rocking his Funky Breakbeats set. Those images are just some impressions for those who don´t know what they´re up to. I hope I see you there.

Ikea Built DJ Desk


Here´s one i made earlier. Since it´s not always easy to keep updating posts with cool stuff that just crosses my road, i was looking around myself. I didn’t have to look far to find my, to me perfect, DJ desk. When i moved in here i had a lot of space and i didn’t want to have my records all over the floor. Since my collection is organized alphabetically i have to keep the ones i play somewhere else until i put them back in order. I had this ikea glass plate which used to be my desk and then my DJ desk. But while resting on wooden stands this glas thing was quite ugly and not too stable. So one day, when i decided to buy another ikea expedit shelf, i measured one of the old ones and found out that two of them would fit perfectly with the glass plate. I fixed the shelves together with some flat steel bars as you can see on one of the pictures. Two on the undersurface and two in the top compartments on the left and on the right. To protect the glass plate i used some felt pads. The whole thing stands on wheels i bought at ikea too and there you go with a dj desk that fits everything for 197 €. By the way the size of the table is 1,60m x 0,80m x 0,95m.


My New In-Ear Monitors


Yay, I received my first birthday present yesterday. Even though it´s still some time I had to order them early because they are exhibition pieces and therefore were a little cheaper than the regular 149 € / $ 199. Those headphones are Ultimate Ears SuperFi 5eb phones, 2 Way driven and come with an integrated subwoofer. I must say that those phones have the best sound i´ve ever had with my music player, or computer, they even beat my DJ phones (Sennheiser HD 25). After listening to them things for several hours yesterday i as well can say that they are really comfortable to wear. Sure, you´ll be looking a little funny, because they are quite big, but that´s something i can live with. Another cool thing is the replaceable cord which is really nice, because the cord was the thing i always broke with my former Sennheiser In-Ears and also is the weakest point when it comes to headphones. But the cord as well is a little short. It should be just 10-20 cm longer because i think if you´re just a little taller than me, you´ll have problems placing your mp3 player in your pocket. With those in my collection, i finally can say that my sound at home or one the road is as fine as it can get and wish you´d have the same. Sorry for the blurry pictures, i wouldn´t advise you to buy the htc hero, when it comes to the camera.

Manmade Feature Funk Vol. 4…
Yeah, it´s official! Our first Track is released on beautiful 12inch Vinyl! Mr. Konfuze & Lunatic – Rock Da Freak is a part of Manmade Records Feature Funk Vol. 4. Since It´s not credited on the label, mad thanks go to DJ Geraet for cutting it up on our track. This track will be released on vinyl only, so if you want to have it, you better go and buy it. If you´re from germany get it here and if you´re from somewhere else, get it here. We hope you like that and spin it on dancefloors around the world. If you like to see us play in your city don´t hesitate to contact me! We come equipped on 3 Turntables and, if wanted with live-percussion, saxophone and flute. Enjoy!

Sampling, Creativity, Copyrights


This is a really nice video i found on Nerdcore (again). This Documentation features a lot of the artists who created the music i grew up to. When i got my first sampler in 1997 it opened the door to making music for me, since i can´t play an instrument. Anyways i think i have an ear for what sounds good and what does not. 15 years of djing kind of prove that. The article on nerdcore also links to another movie called “RiP – A Remix Manifesto” which is also worth watching. And for the Superfreak / Can´t Touch This thing, here´s a statement of Rick James.