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Old School HipHop Tapes


Superdope blog here! Dedicated to old school HipHop and there is a lot of rare stuff to find here! Can you remember taping radio shows back in the 80ies? I loved to do that, but since i don’t have a tapedeck anymore i can’t even listen to all the stuff i have. But anyways i was in germany and so i didn’t have the best stuff to tape anyways. Thanks to Marc Hype for pointing me at this one!

R.I.P. Guru Of Gang Starr


Another tragic episode for HipHop. Guru, one half of legendary crew Gang Starr and initiator of the Jazzmatazz project died yesterday due to cancer. After having a heart attack in the beginning of february  Guru went into a coma. He was stated to slowly recover but until yesterday no one knew that it was actually cancer. I’ve posted about this before and the whole story can be read here. I met Guru twice while working at Faust e.V.. Once with DJ DooWop and his producer Solar for the Jazzmatazz tour in 2008  from which the above picture originates and a year earlier for the Street Scriptures Tour. In 2007 it really was a hassle to deal with them, but a year later Guru remembered who i was and was really friendly. But Solar as self named “Superproducer” left behind a  foul taste in my mouth everytime i met him. The whole HipHop Community was behind guru and wishing hime the best for the last two month, which he had to spend in the hospital. In the end all the wishing well didn’t help and Guru lost his fight against cancer. What he left us behind with, besides to several milestone Albums for HipHop, is a strange letter which can be read here. I hope that this will clear out and DJ Premier will take the position he deserves. My thoughts are with Guru’s family right now. R.I.P. Guru! (Photo by Barbara Mürdter)

Gurus Nephew On The Current Situation


As you all might know Guru of Gang Starr recently suffered from a stroke and was / is in a coma in a New York hospital. Little is known about the exact state Guru is in and as you can hear in the video above not even his family got any infos. The only one who knows what’s really going on is Solar (Super Producer as he calls himself). In the state of New York you can appoint a Health Care Agent which for Guru is his producer Solar. For all the details see the video above, where Guru’s nephew speaks out on how the family won’t get near Guru or get any news on his situation. When i met Guru for the first time i as well met Solar and i must say that I didn’t like solar from the first second i met him. I think he didn’t even shake my hand, even though i was the promoter of the concert who was supposed to pay him. In an interview after the concert solar wasn’t answering anything if he wasn’t adressed as “Super Producer” Solar. As well Guru wouldn’t talk a word about Gang Starr and he only signed some guy his Mass Appeal 12 inch after Solar left the room, when Solar could see him, he wouldn’t. So I must say that there’s something strange going on in their relationship. To me Solar is nothing, he produced Guru’s last Albums, but without him on the mic it just would have been another semi-dope HipHop Album. Solar get’s his hands deep into Guru’s pocket, because he ain’t got no fame himself. I’d advise him to get a own life and to take the info he has about Guru to where it belongs: Guru’s family! Fuck those interviews he wants to give to everybody! Get well Guru!

Since there is always two sides on a coin, here’s what Solar got say on the subject.

New RJD2 Album


Here we go with one of my favorite artists new album. RJD2 released “The Colossus“. RJD2 always impressed me with his use of layered samples which is again fact with this one. The vinyl release comes on two 12inches in a four color sleeve. On the back of the cover you find some nice insides on the players, production history and which instruments he used on the tracks. If you know RJD2 make sure you check out the album and if not, just follow my links around to explore his idea of instrumental HipHop as well as his Rap-LP with Blueprint (Soul Position – 8 Million Stories), which to me stood out as the best Rap-LP in 2003 both production- and lyric-wise. As usual, i advise you to buy this record on vinyl and support the artist! Enjoy!

Sampling, Creativity, Copyrights


This is a really nice video i found on Nerdcore (again). This Documentation features a lot of the artists who created the music i grew up to. When i got my first sampler in 1997 it opened the door to making music for me, since i can´t play an instrument. Anyways i think i have an ear for what sounds good and what does not. 15 years of djing kind of prove that. The article on nerdcore also links to another movie called “RiP – A Remix Manifesto” which is also worth watching. And for the Superfreak / Can´t Touch This thing, here´s a statement of Rick James.

Inside Outside – Streetart Documentation Online

Many, if not all of you know streetart. I just found this link on Nerdcore and after watching the movie i must say, it expresses a lot of my opinion about that art. Also it gives you an insight of the motivation of the artist, which can be just a smile of someone passing by or just catching people attention for a second. For me that´s where the new galleries are: in the streets! It´s like the internet for art. Everybody can express themselves. Only thing to acknowledge is the lack of respect, because there´s plenty of space. If you like streetart, be sure to visit arrrgh which can be seen a lot in Hannover where i am from!

The History Of The Boombox


This is a very nice documentation about boomboxes, also known as ghettoblasters. I remember having a JVC player in the early ninties which i took every place i went to skateboard. Because of batteries being so expensive, we sometimes skated a particular spot just because it had a 220V power plug somewhere. This video features Fab 5 Freddy and comes up with some interesting conclusions towards the end. Enjoy!

Via Nerdcore / NPR

Party Arty (D.I.T.C.) 1979 – 2008


It´s been a year now since my friend Party Arty (D.I.T.C./Ghetto Dwellas) died of undisclosed health complications. I got to know Arty when we booked A.G. for the Burnin´ Beatz HipHop Festival in 2001. A.G.´s “The ‘Dirty Version” was out for a year and even though the Album missed “The Hit” it was one of the best Albums released in 1999. When A.G. told me the names of his crew for the flight tickets, one of them was Arthur Sheridan. It struck me that A.G. was going to bring that rough voice heard on his Album, better known a Party Arty. I can say we really had a good time with those guys here in Hannover. In 2002 i made it to New York and also to Patterson Projects in the Bronx, the home of HipHop. Arty and A.G. showed us around and we got to hang out with them and the rest of the Ghetto Dwellas. In the following years i made it to a lot of shows with him all around Germany and eventually booked them again myself while i was working for Faust e.V.. Arty really was a humble Person, always caring about his people and he had a voice that stood out in a million! He was going to be signed by 50 Cent, but his death put an end to his career, which nearly made him achieve his dream. The video shows Arty in his home in the South Bronx, where i´ve been visiting him. R.I.P. Homie!

Marc Hype & Jim Dunloop – Stamp Out Reality OUT NOW


Finally I made it to my local recordstore to cop Marc Hype & Jim Dunloop’s first full length LP. I was surprised to hear a lot of rap on there, but hey it’s good stuff! You get Four Music’s new signing Flomega from Bremen, one of my favourites Mr. Complex of early Rawkus fame and longtime mate Mr. Lif of Marc Hype from Boston. Others features are Malena Perez who is providing the lyrics for the first 12″ – Rare Occasion. This is backed with a funk version of the electro classic Al Naafish (The Soul), with dope scratches and a catching baseline. We also get a cover of “The Mexican” by Babe Ruth which was released earlier this as a teaser 12″. The last song features Lady Daisey on the Vocals, dope funky beat with deep vocals. All in all I advise you to go and buy this album and support original funky music. also do buy this at your local record dealer, there’s only a few left and “… you don’t know what you got til it’s gone!”.

Deutschrap Fundstück / German Rap Find


Since everybody is going youtube-crazy on facebook i thought i might be posting a song here as well. This one is from Anarchist Academy an oldschool German rap band. The lyrics are really leftwing and i happen to like this song from their third album Rappelkistenkids. The band for me made the perfect transition from punkrock to rap for the german listener, so they kinda did for Germany what Public Enemy did for the US & UK. Enjoy!