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Sampling, Copyrights & Such


So, before we go on holiday, here’s one last post from home. I’m sitting here on my desk, my bags are packed and I’m waiting on Timemachine to back up my system. I must say this is one crappy piece of software. It only starts hourly and you can’t trigger it. So after switching the backup-drive on 3 minutes tool ate i have to wait 57 minutes for the backup to start. Thanks Apple, your Ipod is already gone, i exchanged it with a tape! The Subject of the video could also be triggered by thinking about the previously mentioned. Once again it’s about copyrights. I’m still watching it, so nothing more to say. Enjoy! via nerdcore

Part 2

Part 3

Great Album & Gimmick Concept

If you know me, you also know I am always ripping on the music industry for totally failing on the copyright side, plus totally failing the artists needs and interests. You know why? Their biggest mistake was being so greedy to make music digital in the first place. Everybody who loved music already had loads of vinyl records, but the music industry implied that their quality was poor compared to the CD. They even started not producing certain stuff on vinyl anymore, because they wanted you to buy a feckn CD-Player and their bull CD’s. Then the mp3 came and everybody was outraging. And now, for the last ten years they don’t come up with anything but complaints. I say they need to come up with something creative to make it cool to have the original music and not only a copy of it. But what to do? I have my own ideas to that matter, so if you’re a major label reading this, make me an offer i might tell you some things! But what i tell everybody for free is that these guys did it right! It took me less than a minute to go ahead and buy the album plus the player without even listening to the music, great job! And by the way, as it looks to me, vinyl will outlive CD’s sooner than you might think…


Old School HipHop Tapes


Superdope blog here! Dedicated to old school HipHop and there is a lot of rare stuff to find here! Can you remember taping radio shows back in the 80ies? I loved to do that, but since i don’t have a tapedeck anymore i can’t even listen to all the stuff i have. But anyways i was in germany and so i didn’t have the best stuff to tape anyways. Thanks to Marc Hype for pointing me at this one!

R.I.P. Guru Of Gang Starr


Another tragic episode for HipHop. Guru, one half of legendary crew Gang Starr and initiator of the Jazzmatazz project died yesterday due to cancer. After having a heart attack in the beginning of february  Guru went into a coma. He was stated to slowly recover but until yesterday no one knew that it was actually cancer. I’ve posted about this before and the whole story can be read here. I met Guru twice while working at Faust e.V.. Once with DJ DooWop and his producer Solar for the Jazzmatazz tour in 2008  from which the above picture originates and a year earlier for the Street Scriptures Tour. In 2007 it really was a hassle to deal with them, but a year later Guru remembered who i was and was really friendly. But Solar as self named “Superproducer” left behind a  foul taste in my mouth everytime i met him. The whole HipHop Community was behind guru and wishing hime the best for the last two month, which he had to spend in the hospital. In the end all the wishing well didn’t help and Guru lost his fight against cancer. What he left us behind with, besides to several milestone Albums for HipHop, is a strange letter which can be read here. I hope that this will clear out and DJ Premier will take the position he deserves. My thoughts are with Guru’s family right now. R.I.P. Guru! (Photo by Barbara Mürdter)

Ikea Built Beatmachine Desk

After acquiring an Emu SP-12 that i did not have after selling mine nearly ten years ago i had to rethink my setup here. My Ikea built DJ desk really got full and there was practically no place for more gear on it. Plus, the way i arranged it, i couldn’t reach the mixer from all places that i worked at. The plan was to build another rollable desk to fit my SP-12, the mixer, my Akai S-950 it´s Zip-Drive, Soundcard, Compressor and of course my new patchbay. After all the hassle with the SP-12  i decided that it is probably not the best to always put plugs in and out of a machine that´s nearly 25 years old. So the patchbay was the thing to do. They are really cheap nowadays since everybody is using digital mixers and a lot of sidechain equipment is already built in in those mixers. As well multicores are nearly free (8x Stereo TRS – 14,75 €). So now i only have to change the jacks right under my workstation, which is fantastic. The desk itself once again was done with two Expedit Shelves (35 € each), attached to each other with flat steel bars. The only thing i did different this time was to not use the top dividers for the shelf, so it will fit 19″ equipment. This works fantastic as you can the and the space remaining holds enough width to fit 9,5″ stuff like my soundcard. As well those pieces are used as bottom part for my speakers since they rest on spikes with bases that would fall off moving them withou. The whole thing costed me 85 € which you can´t beat even with material from a hardware store. I as well made me some adapters and long cables, so i can move my active monitors to the desired place for optimal monitoring…


Fösseklub – That was it


Many thanx to everybody how was there, i really enjoyed myself a lot. Funk and Oldschool Rap Tunes was the theme, so i could go all out and play some nice HipHop tunes. Some rare guests from Berlin made it even more special to play there yesterday and yes, they had these beautiful anniversary shirts! Enjoy the few pictures and the video!



Do You Still Have A Record Player?


For all the peeps who don’t have a record player anymore: get this an you can still play anything you find on vinyl. Just joking but i must admit it’s a nice concept. I found this here, thanks to Flo who pointed my attention that way. This concept was recently used by GGRP but the original concept was by GRP and those players were used all over the world where electricity was rare. You can find GGRP’s 50′s style promotional video here. Enjoy! More record players here

Free Download


Time for a new post! Earlier I had the link to my edit of Poppa Large vs. Riff Raff’s Music Through Six. This was released on vinyl but is nearly sold out. Listen to it on my soundcloud. It was planned to be part in a series of edits from different genres mash-ups of Ultramagnetic MC’s Poppa Large. The plan didn’t work out so i had those remixes sittin’ on my harddisk until i was asked to be a part of the first Nova Gain 12 inch with the Riff Raff Mix. This has been a year now and so i thought I’d make this song available for all of you! What I did here was not just putting the Dub Version of Monet’s Come On To Me under the Poppa Large acapella but edit it to be a full instrumental for Poppa Large. The download is a128 Kb/s Mp3 which I think will be sufficient for most of you. Anyways, if you’re a DJ and want to play it, hit me up and I’ll supply you with something better. Enjoy and download here.