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Sampling, Copyrights & Such


So, before we go on holiday, here’s one last post from home. I’m sitting here on my desk, my bags are packed and I’m waiting on Timemachine to back up my system. I must say this is one crappy piece of software. It only starts hourly and you can’t trigger it. So after switching the backup-drive on 3 minutes tool ate i have to wait 57 minutes for the backup to start. Thanks Apple, your Ipod is already gone, i exchanged it with a tape! The Subject of the video could also be triggered by thinking about the previously mentioned. Once again it’s about copyrights. I’m still watching it, so nothing more to say. Enjoy! via nerdcore

Part 2

Part 3

Futurestates – Visions Of Our Lives


Futurestates is a project on visions of the near future. The concept reduces to america, but i think you can see europe, some asian countries and russia as well in this picture. Some days ago i made this post which includes the vision stated in the video below. This as well is the only video i watched so far. It was created by David Kaplan and Eric Zimmerman and the first part reminds me of the Video to The Prodigy’s Smack My Bitch Up. Enjoy, and make sure to visit the projectsite and watch them other videos as well!

Broken Glass – Skate Video From Hannover


So in Hannover we have this very cool place. It’s the old factory ground of hannover based Continental AG. In 2000 it was closed and from then on used as a graffiti hall of fame. We used to hang out there a lot, just walking around, using the place for photoshots and so on. Now the place is going to be demolished to make room for new upper class flats on the waterside. These guys did the right thing cleaning it up for a nice skate session. There will be a whole movie soon, enjoy. Pictures of the scene can be found here and here

Gurus Nephew On The Current Situation


As you all might know Guru of Gang Starr recently suffered from a stroke and was / is in a coma in a New York hospital. Little is known about the exact state Guru is in and as you can hear in the video above not even his family got any infos. The only one who knows what’s really going on is Solar (Super Producer as he calls himself). In the state of New York you can appoint a Health Care Agent which for Guru is his producer Solar. For all the details see the video above, where Guru’s nephew speaks out on how the family won’t get near Guru or get any news on his situation. When i met Guru for the first time i as well met Solar and i must say that I didn’t like solar from the first second i met him. I think he didn’t even shake my hand, even though i was the promoter of the concert who was supposed to pay him. In an interview after the concert solar wasn’t answering anything if he wasn’t adressed as “Super Producer” Solar. As well Guru wouldn’t talk a word about Gang Starr and he only signed some guy his Mass Appeal 12 inch after Solar left the room, when Solar could see him, he wouldn’t. So I must say that there’s something strange going on in their relationship. To me Solar is nothing, he produced Guru’s last Albums, but without him on the mic it just would have been another semi-dope HipHop Album. Solar get’s his hands deep into Guru’s pocket, because he ain’t got no fame himself. I’d advise him to get a own life and to take the info he has about Guru to where it belongs: Guru’s family! Fuck those interviews he wants to give to everybody! Get well Guru!

Since there is always two sides on a coin, here’s what Solar got say on the subject.

Chilly B Of Newcleus RIP

Another tragic opportunity for a post. Last Week on Febuary 23rd, 2010 Chilly B of Newcleus died of a stroke. Newcleus released a whole lot of classic Electro HipHop tunes, one of which is Automan which served as the blueprint for Snap‘s “Rhythm Is A Dancer“. Another banger is “Jam On Revenge (The Wikki-Wikki Song)” used with great effect by DJ Noize winning the DMC finals in 1996. Chilly B played bass as well as synthesizers on most of their productions you can see him play on their greatest hit “Jam On It” in the video above. 

Nice Decoration @ Treibgut Hannover

Finally, the video is online! When we celebrated the anniversary of my event Linden Love, little did we know the Filtertÿpen (in fact Kiatone) would take our projection idea to the next level. As well the guys built humongous letters for their stage as a backdrop. I´ve been there and i must say, even though I don´t like techno music, it was amazing. Enjoy!

New Gil Scott-Heron Album after 16 years


This is the first released Video from Gil Scott-Heron who is one of my favourite Artists from the 70ies. I got to know him as the original artist behind C.O.D.´s “In The Bottle“, which was an early Electro-Funk Hit. Later on i bought my first LP “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” which is the Songs he is known best for. Heron hasn´t released a song in the last 16 years. In this time he had a lot of trouble with his cocaine addiction, leading him to spend some time in prison and rehab facilities. The New Album will released on XL Recordings and you can listen to all the tracks here.

This is how it could be done


Well, nice Job I´d say. This Video shows you how you can do a remake The Prodigy´s Smack My Bitch Up. Videomaker Jim Pavloff shows us the Sources all the original samples, what to cut out of them and how you need to work on them in Ableton to make it sound like The Prodigy. But “hondatek614” says it all in his comment: “too bad liam didn’t have abelton”. So what looks quite easy in the Video was probably done with one or two Akai S950, maybe another sampler and some sequencer like the Atari 1040 ST.

Sampling, Creativity, Copyrights


This is a really nice video i found on Nerdcore (again). This Documentation features a lot of the artists who created the music i grew up to. When i got my first sampler in 1997 it opened the door to making music for me, since i can´t play an instrument. Anyways i think i have an ear for what sounds good and what does not. 15 years of djing kind of prove that. The article on nerdcore also links to another movie called “RiP – A Remix Manifesto” which is also worth watching. And for the Superfreak / Can´t Touch This thing, here´s a statement of Rick James.